What a Sewer Line Inspection Entails

When planning to buy a home some of the most common defects are easily identified. For you to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs in such a venture, engaging an inspector and appraiser will be critical. The reason is that you can also have such costs factored into the price of the property you are willing to purchase.

Some of the defects that are noted quickly include cracks on walls, a weak roof, baseboards that squeak, uneven floors among other things. As much as checking all these matters, many fail to ensure inspection of plumbing works on such properties. Hence, before you consider sewer replacement in Ann Arbor Mi, here is some of the insight that a sewer line inspection can avail.

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Access to the sewer pipes

If the sewer line is functioning appropriately, there should be the free flow of sewage and the septic system should be sound as well. However, in the case of clogging, damage or rupture, there can be a backup of the whole septic system. The process of correcting such a problem can be expensive and may take a while because it may entail the digging of your yard.

Ability to use fiber optic and camera technology

Technology seeks to improve lifestyles and make work easier in more than one way. As such, cameras with a thin cord and infrared light can be inserted in the piping for inspection. In the past, that was not possible because sewer lines had to be dug, which made sewer replacement in Ann Arbor Mi an expensive affair altogether.

Identification of invasive tree roots

Tree roots invasion is common with most old homes, which results from the ambition of previous homeowners to beautify their surroundings by having trees growing around their homes. In the course of time, tree roots develop to a point where they interfere with underground piping. These roots can bend the sewer pipe at a particular point or tear it apart, and the result is damage that proves to be expensive.

Location of old pipes

Another benefit you stand to realize as a result of sewer line inspection is the possibility of tracing old underground pipes. Once located, you can map them on a grid to help the technician come up with a replacement or repair plan. The camera footage comes in handy at this stage because it acts as a guide for recommending repairs.

Identifying clogs

Clogs are part of the main causes of sewer line damage and are as a result of debris that cannot be washed away by flushing the system. The buildup, in this case, can be corrected by using particular devices, but the challenge is that sometimes the procedure may be ineffective. Therefore, the best way to clear these clogs is by repairing and installing new sewer piping.

Before deciding on a particular property, as a buyer, seek to engage a competent individual in the inspection of the building’s sewer line. That will eliminate any disappointments resulting from unforeseen challenges with the sewer line, a few days or months, after settling in your new home.

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