Three Materials Used for Building Balustrades

If a balcony or open upper-level area is being designed for your home, then you will need to have balustrades constructed for safety. The most common materials used in their construction are wood, glass, and stainless steel. Here are some of the advantages of balustrades constructed from these three materials.

Wooden Balustrades

Probably the most common type of balustrade designed for homes is made from solid wood. If your house design is traditional or retro, then the construction of wooden railings around staircases and balconies and on open upper levels will fit in well with the design. Well-constructed balustrades can last for several decades and protect you and your family from accidental falls.

Wooden balustrades can also be used on the exterior of a house for balconies or outdoor sitting areas on the upper level. The wood would need to be treated to protect it from damage caused by the elements, both sun and rain, in order for the railings to last for several years. Unlike the railings on the interior of the house, wood balustrades on the exterior would usually be painted instead of stained.

Building Balustrades

Stainless Steel Balustrades

If your home’s design is more modern, such as an industrial design, then you may opt for a balustrade made from stainless steel wiring and steel or wood posts. Balustrades constructed with stainless steel may be used on either the exterior or interior of a house or commercial building. One of the advantages to opting for stainless steel is that it requires little to no maintenance.

Stainless steel is also a durable material, so it can survive the elements much better than most wooden balustrades. Stainless steel doesn’t need to be powder-coated, painted, or polished and it doesn’t rust, so it can be exposed to the elements 24/7 with few problems. If it is used on the interior of your home, use a cloth to wipe down the stainless steel to clean it.

Glass Balustrades

For ultra-modern home or office designs, glass is often used in the construction of balustrades. Like the other options, glass can be used either on the interior or exterior of a building or house. Along with enclosing staircases, balconies, or upper-level open areas, glass balustrades can be used to enclose a swimming pool area so that you still have a nice view of the pool while keeping pets and children safe.

Thick, tempered glass is safe to use outside and holds up well to the elements. The only time you may have an issue is during a strong hailstorm or if extremely high winds are blowing debris around. While glass is low maintenance, it will need to be cleaned with a mild soap and water when it gets dirty.

The choice of materials for building balustrades will depend on your home’s design, your personal preference, and your budget. Glass may look great, but it can be more expensive than either wood or stainless steel. However, all three choices are durable and will keep your family safe.

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