The Secrets to Lower Energy Bills

Are your energy bills getting too high? There are many ways that one can lower their energy bills if they are willing to invest in a little time or money. Before starting to find out how, it would be best to determine where that energy is going to eliminate the waste. Some of the most energy using items is also where one can get the most return for their money by eliminating the energy waste.

By utilizing the new technology is the biggest secret to reducing your energy bills. Your thermostat controls the heat during winter, and the air conditioning in summer. By replacing the thermostat to new programmable digital thermostat, one can better control when the unit is running. During the night, by setting the unit lower or higher depending on season, will eliminate unnecessary energy usage. Another new technology is the creation of LED light bulbs. Not only does it use very little energy to power, it burns cooler, so in summer you are not warming up the air with the light bulbs that your A/C is trying to cool. Each of these items costs a little money, but the pay back is quick and will continue for years to come.


There a many small items that can be done for either no or very little cost that will help save energy. BY caulking around windows and doors each year eliminates little cracks that air with seep through. Where pipes or cables enter, use an expanding foam spray to seal off these holes in the walls or foundations. Hang curtains up to block out sunshine in the hot summer days, but open them to let the winter sun in to solar heat your house. At night, close the curtains in all seasons as this will help prevent air seepage.

The room with the most energy being used is the kitchen. Unplugging all unnecessary small appliances will eliminate some energy draws. Keeping a refrigerator and freezer full of food will help them stay cold as long as one is not opening the doors constantly. Check your heat settings on the stove and oven; some items will use less energy if cooked in the microwave. Use pots lids when cooking to help items cook faster, do not open the oven door until food is ready to prevent heat loss. Food will continue cooking if remaining in the heated environment- shut oven or stove down just prior to food being ready and let sit. These are just a couple of the many dozen ways of reducing your energy costs.

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