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You must have pondered on the question, what is a plant nursery? How it can be beneficial to you? Most of us may not even know what a plant nursery actually is. A Plant nursery has been designed for care and breeding of young plants. Mostly, a nursery comprises one or more than one, large greenhouses that would assist in providing shelter to new plants from excessive heat or frosts. An operation such as this might also be inclusive of complex watering systems in order to cut down on the manual labor of nursery workers. In addition, most shops that have been exclusively selling plants would also be termed as nursery. It does not matter that they purchase the plants from somewhere else or grow their own plants.


A nursery might be able to sell various kinds of products at retail value to the public. It might also exist to sell wholesale to various other nurseries. In most cases, a plant nursery would focus on one kind of tree or plant for instance ferns or pond plants.

Even when a nursery offers a number of different kinds of plants, it might specialize in some plants like roses or fuchsias. A nursery may also stock plants that are most likely to sell. However, there would be little guarantee of plants being sold. Most plants have short shelf life, such as annuals. These kinds of plants would last only for a year and would require replacement after the stipulated time.

When the planting season ends, one might find various kinds of sales on certain products. However, a sale on perennials would be a smart saving plan, especially those blooming yearly. On the other hand, a purchase made on annuals might not prove to be great shopping experience if the blooming season is ending.

Traits of the best nursery

A great nursery would encompass all varieties of plants and trees. One such nursery near your home would be the It is a USDA certified nursery. This online nursery has been ideally located in the heart of Mcminnville Tennessee. The Tn nursery, as popularly known, has been renowned to ship to all states in the US along with 13 foreign nations. They also cater to wholesale nurseries and homeowner’s large quantities and smaller quantities respectively. The Tn nursery is a 57-year-old nursery grower. It is a family owned and operated operation. All orders placed with Tn nursery would be delivered within five days or earlier.

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