5 More Ways to Decorate with Pink

The colour pink can look elegant when it’s used in the right way. Here are five more ways to do it.

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Go for drapes

Adding pink drapes to your living space is a fantastic way to add a pop of colour without going overboard. They’ll look perfect in neutral and minimalistic rooms, and it’s an ideal colour for the spring and summer months.

Experiment with tones

If you’re a pink lover, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to stick to just one tone of the colour to achieve a beautiful design. For example, a darker pink would suit a lighter solid wood flooring, whereas a lighter pink would suit a darker solid wood flooring.

Don’t be afraid of paint

Whether you want a bold feature wall or you want to paint the whole room in a calming, soft pink, painting doesn’t have to be frightening. Take a look at some pink paint ideas on Pinterest.

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Try pink appliances

Pink can extend to your kitchen, too! If you’ve got wood floors and wood countertops, why not spice up your kitchen with some pink appliances? You can find wood flooring options for your kitchen that will go perfectly with pink at our site

Create your own artwork

There’s nothing better than having a unique piece of artwork in your home. Pink is the ideal colour to experiment with, so why not grab yourself a canvas, brush and some paint and have a go at creating your own masterpiece?

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